PSM Consulting -
PHA/HAZOP Leadership
  • PHA (Process Hazard Analysis): ETA assists our clients in identifying all potential hazards, conducting a thorough analysis of all of your systems and operations, and developing plans and procedures to ensure safety standards are in place in the future. Described by OSHA as “one of the most important elements of the process safety management program,” ETA understands the crucial importance of a PHA and is renowned for the systematic and effective analyses we perform for our clients.
  • We utilize the HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Study) method in completing PHAs with our clients. As part of HAZOP, we facilitate a team-oriented, holistic process with the integral technical and safety members of your organization to complete the most in-depth analyses as possible.  Working together, we investigate each element of a system and identify possible deviations that could occur, then look for ways to prevent such deviations from happening in our clients’ facilities.