PSM Consulting -
Process Safety Management

Process Safety Management/Regulatory Updates

ETA consultants and project managers serve as industry leaders in the world of Process Safety Management (PSM). Ensuring your facilities meet OSHA standards is vital in order to mitigate the possibility of risks and hazards, avoid lost or wasted time, and operate in the most efficient, safe, and proactive way possible. That’s why many of the leaders from the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries utilize ETA to help fine-tune their PSM programs.

Our trained staff will come to your facilities and work with your management teams on self-assessments. Through a seamless combination of compliance audits, personnel interviews, record and documentation reviews, and field observations of your facility and work activities, we ensure that all of our clients have a comprehensive understanding of PSM procedures and have processes in place to continue maintain these standards and avoid potential risks.

ETA has been helping companies improve their process safety performance since the regulation was originally promulgated. We have taken great care to ensure that our work in helping our clients goes far enough to be in compliance, but more importantly, far enough to ensure the safety of our clients’ personnel from process safety hazards. As the EPA and OSHA work to modify their regulations, we are staying abreast of the rule changes and potential rule changes. Our attention to this detail, combined with our past experience with high reliability organizations and industries will work for you to: be in compliance, keep your people safe, and maintain competitiveness in the market.