Process Safety

ETA has been at the forefront of developing OSHA-specific programs and helping companies in the chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries to meet the strict compliance guidelines of OSHA standard 1910.119 since it was first issued in 1992.

ETA consultants and project managers serve as industry leaders in the world of Process Safety Management (PSM) consulting. By partnering with ETA for your PSM services, you can mitigate the possibility of risks and hazards in your facilities, avoid lost or wasted time, and operate in the most efficient, safe, and proactive way possible.

PSM Training

We work with all of your staff to ensure that they are trained in the basics of Process Safety and the specifics of their role in implementing a PSM program. Our goal is that every employee will fully understand the hazards involved in their industries and their specific role in eliminating and/or minimizing those hazards.

Our training is structured around ensuring your personnel understand their role in implementing the elements of a robust PSM program. We then help our clients to develop ongoing training programs so that all current and future employees will be fully trained in OSHA Process Safety standards.

Compliance Audits

OSHA standard 1910.119 requires that compliance audits of a company’s PSM procedures and processes be completed every three years. Our experts can help you with all areas of regulatory compliance and ensure that your regulatory compliance tasks are fully integrated with your other daily business tasks. ETA personnel have assisted many of our clients in developing systems to track and monitor daily activities and consulting every step of the way for a compliance audit.


ETA has the experience to ensure that your facility understands, documents, and meets all of the RAGAGEP for your covered equipment.

Our structured approach to building and implementing a process that will stand up to the recent changes as reflected in the May 2016 OSHA enforcement memorandum and will set you on a clear path for the future.